Dan Petermann

Norway 03


03 | Hordaland


Bend by bend. Tunnel by tunnel, valley by valley and fjord by fjord we got more and more into the rhythm of traveling. 

And like a melody evermore fascinating intricacies of the landscape were revealed to us.


Heavy clouds and rain were our loyal companion where trails turned to creeks, meandering along the precipes of the fjordlands. 


Soaking wet boots and the exhaustion of long hikes are considerably small prices to pay for the colossal views on the primeval landscapes that seemed to expand endlessly to our feet.


Hidden gems of the high valleys revealed to us in form of secret beaches and prisitine riverbanks, waterfalls and rock formations, dark forest and swampy grasslands situated far away from the blemish of mass-tourism.



We were hiking in solitude, rarely meeting another human being and feeding of the vibe of the sorrounding nature. It’s darkblue waters of the fjords, peaceful birch groves and windblown mountain tops.


Every night we set our camp to another great scenery. Cooking our food on the soothing bonfire, while simultaneously drying our soaking wet boots. And occasionally have a skinny dip in the frigid fjords.


Some of the exciting sceneries are next to road. And even in the case of Vøringsfossen the view is incredible, the place is can be blemished by mass-tourism. So we craved for some wilder and purer places.


While driving along the fjord I had seen a glacier tounge peeping out between the clouded peaks. so we drove around into the mountains to get a closer look shortly before sunset. Seeing the glacier from below through my Tele, whilst hoping that the rain will stop overnight we set our camp.


The next morning the rain hasn’t stop. It was still pouring. A warm coffee after a night in the cold air that sorrounds the glacier and a look at the weather forecast was what we were in for. We found out, that rain was supposed to ease up at midday. 


We were seizing the opportunity not sure if the creeks we’ve crossed will still be crossable on the way back, as thick clouds hover along the peaks around us. We had no single drop of rain along the slippy hike to the foot of Buarbreen, but as soon we had reached the plateau in front of it the sky began to dark and pouring down heavily.


Satisfied we end the day soaking wet in our van.


The next day, just as Bertha, our beloved van, got used to the ups and downs of the hinterland we did too. Waterfalls along the roads and spectacular views became something common. Realizing way later as we set foot on the Mainland of Denmark what great fascinating wilderness sorrounded us.


But before that, there was one more journey to be had. Through the Telemark region back to Kristiansand.