Dan Petermann

Norway 04



04 | Telemark

As we ventured deeper and deeper into the Telemark region villages get fewer. At the beginning we drove past ski resorts in their off-season sleep. But soon there were just solitary cabins sitting on the otherwise isolated hillside.


In the distance dark-grey granite mountains sprinkled with patches of snow glistened in the sun. No trees, just moss, brown grass and rocks surrounding giant meandering lakes fed by melting snow.



The landscape appeared like a mosaic of stone and water. 


But as the saying tells us: what goes up, must come down. And as we descend into lower altitudes birches and dark fir groves began to appear. Soon enough we find ourselves in a landscape constituted by wide spruce forrests with evermore larger streams, forming rivers that end in beautiful lakes.


Finally when the roads were starting to appear familiar, we felt wistfull and still in awe of our adventures. Certain that this was not the our last venture into the depths of this country. 


Tusen takk til Norge.

Vi kan ikke vente med å komme tilbake.