Traveling through Galicia last autumn I made it part of my daily routine to sit by the shore each night or in between the surf sessions to watch the changing of tides.

Through ebb and flow the ocean inhales and exhales like a giant organism. With every breath it takes away tiny grains of rock and sand. Shaping impressing landscapes and rock formations. 

For humans, thinking in relativly short time-spans, it is uncommon to look behind the steady coming and breaking of waves. We see waves as individual ripples, but by observing and documenting a longer frame of time, the beauty of intersection is revealed. The average of waves and erosion so to speak. It gives an understanding, an impression of how the ocean interacts with the shore in aeons of time. Where the intertidal zones are diffuse intermediate worlds covered by a misty haze in which the lines between land and water get blurred.

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Knowledge would be fatal.
It is the uncertainty that charms one.
A mist makes things wonderful.
Oskar Wilde